Recommissioning An E Type

 Mark 2 Full Restoration And Upgrade

These images show how we restored our client Mr Nadeem Shah's barn find Mark 2 Jaguar. Not every car requires this level of work, our cosmetic repair service can provide cheaper solutions. If your Jaguar is in need of any bodywork attention or has mechanical issues we can provide the  type of assistance that you may require. The club provides  very affordable  support to all Jaguar enthusiasts, which is generally 30% less cost than going to a large scale commercial Jaguar specialist.  The club is owned and operated by fellow Jaguar enthusiasts,who are very experienced in all aspects of maintaining and restoring these iconic cars, as such our clients benefit via that knowledge. We tend to concentrate on 'drivers cars', for owners who want their classic to be free of rust, cosmetically presentable, mechanically reliable as a useable vehicle. We do not get involved in concourse show cars, they are impractical museum pieces and not worth the expense to the owner. We prefer to work on cars that can be put into excellent condition without incurring excessive expenditure so the eventual resale value is preserved.  You are more than welcome to call us at any time to discuss any work that your Jaguar may require.

Our client Ian Mucklejohn purchased this E type which had been in storage for many years and it needed some cosmetic attention to the paintwork and recommissioning. We stripped all chrome  fittings, applied lead load repairs and then  gave it a partial repaint. We  then fitted a complete new interior, upgraded stainless steel alloy wheels, stainl;ess steel front and rear bumpers, a new convertible hood, a new windscreen, then rewired all of the lighting for u.k. m.o.t compliance.  It had a full overhaul of the braking system and a service completed the job. Please take note of the completed paintwork to see that the colour on the repaired body sections is a perfect match. This is an example of how our cosmetic repair service can save a client having to go to the expense of a complete repaint. This Jaguar was bought for £45,000.00 using our car finder service, £15,000.00 was spent at our club to recommission it and apply the upgrades and it was sold for £75,000.00 at auction, giving the owner a £15,000.00 profit on the sale. This project is a good example of an owner buying a car for the express purpose of selling it on for commercial purposes. We sourced the e type in Ireland, shipped it back to the u.k. on behalf of the client and had it registered with the D.V.L.A.  We have quite a number clients who use our service to buy and sell cars as a sideline to their main business.

Cosmetic Repaint And Full Upgrade Of  A  Mark 2

You'll be surprised to know this is only a 2.4 the client wanted a practical, reliable and economical classic Jaguar to use for when he retired. We changed it to negative earth, fitted an alternator,123 electronic ignition, an uprated starter motor, uprated 4 pot front brake calipers, Koni adjustable shock absorbers, new springs all round and air conditioning. We stripped and rebuilt the engine and had the cylinder head reground along with hardened valves to use normal petrol. It has had a bare metal repaint in the orginal colour, the seats and door cards refurbished, new carpets, a new set of wire wheels, all of the wood interior has been refurbished.

So many people won't consider a 2.4 as an investment in our view, this one is now a car that can be used and with all of the upgrades it performs just like a modern saloon and will last for another 50 years. The owner knew it would not go down in value, so put his money into a classic Jaguar that will be very easy to sell when the time comes, as it is the more affordable version of a Mark 2.

Photographic Gallery Of The Work We Undertake

This gallery shows examples of E types, Mark 2 and X types that have been restored at our club. The weak point on any old Jaguar is always going to be the metalwork, they are 50 year old cars, built when rust prevention was never a priority,

so they did suffer from tin worm. Dan Austin our genius of a welder and metal fabricator is more than able to remove all of the inferior panel sections and replace and/or repair them. At the same time having saved absolute rot boxes from the scrap yard, he knows exactly how to restore a classic Jaguar. Experience dictates the way we strip a car down and

then we review what needs to be done and we liase with the owner at every stage of remedial work needed. Essentially we can deal with every aspect of getting an early Mark 2 back to a good cosmetic and mechanical condition. Engines gear boxes, suspension, steering, braking, ignition, wiring, lighting, interiors, paintwork, carburretors, starter motors, are our stock in trade. In addition our upgrades to the brakes, ignition, starter motor, alternator, steering, cooling system, suspension, polybushes and springs do modernise the car, making it a very practical driver';s vehicle too.

The Type Of Upgrades We Apply To Classic Jaguars

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